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Hiya Everyone,

This is the home of Jenny and Alan, wildlife lovers and world travelers. We have spent years visiting many places and seen some beautiful sights and the wildlife that inhabits these places. To make sure we don’t forget any of our journeys we thought we better get them down on paper (not exactly paper). We will then have a permanent reminder of where we have been and what we saw while we were there.
We better give you a little bit of background before we go off too far. Alan worked in a nature reserve in Africa, and I met him many moons ago while there. I was taking a break from my veterinary practice and wesort of bumped into each other while I was on safari.
Can you believe it was the birth of a Gazelle that brought us together? I suppose that’s what a park ranger and a veterinarian are supposed to do when they have struggled through a difficult birth. Talking of births, we have two great kids who are much like the explorers we were when we were a few years younger. They have since flown the nest and are busy setting up their own lives, so we are free to head back out on our travels once again.
Now we have some serious catching up to do on our blog before we get swamped with new adventures to add, we do have to keep some sort of order.
Pretty much all of the writing will come from me (Jenny), yet Alan will have his input, if not in pictures I am sure he will be leaning over my shoulder and telling me I have gotten something wrong.
Married life is such bliss, most of the time. Sorry folks, only joking. These past twenty plus years have been a treat, and I wouldn’t have changed anything, or maybe adding a little more sun cream when we were in Australia. I had such a rosy glow on my cheeks, and it wasn’t all good.
Well, folks what do we have in store for you? Let me think. For a start half, the places might not be only tourist spots, although they are possibly quite close by. It’s difficult to go anywhere these days without tourism spreading its wings and taking advantage of what’s around, even if it includes wildlife.
That pretty much sums it up, past, present and hopefully future wildlife adventures from Jenny and Alan.
I hope we manage to give you something you find of interest.

All the best,
Jenny and Alan

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