Jenny here, Alan is busy outside in the shed tinkering with something.

Well, travel plans are on hold for a while so I thought I would start off trying to bring you up to speed on an adventure we had a couple of years ago.

Alan was a park ranger in Africa so that would be too easy yet where else can you go on Safari or anything that can even compare. There is only one place that comes to mind, and it has to be India, and the Sundarbans National Park to be exact although there are many others you to choose from.

This national park is the most abundant estuarine forest which is located in West Bengal and is teaming with mangrove forests. If you are into wildlife, well you would be if you visited this place you can see or hope to see 55 species of reptiles, nearly 60 species of mammals and a whopping 250 species of birds. That is some serious photo opportunities for the avid photographer.

One thing about this National park is, it is all accessible by boat and tourists are not even allowed to step onto the river banks, as this not only helps protect the wildlife yet just think of those reptiles that are slithering about close to your feet.

If you are not hindered by bad weather, and you can travel the best time to visit Sundarbans National Park is from December to Feb when it is cooler. If you wish to see the famous Bengal tigers you are better off visiting during the summer of April up to June where they venture out to look for water.

Major attractions that you should make sure to visit are the mudflats (Chargheri Char), these are hugely popular if you want a glimpse of the horseshoe crab, sea anemones, and octopus. If crocodiles are your thing, you should visit the BhagabatpurCrocodile Project which is home to an endless supply of croc’s to feast your eyes on. It is also the largest croc hatchery of its kind in the world.

Last up is the bird sanctuary and is the best place if you want to take in the views of the Avifauna species. The cool thing here is you really get to be in among the birds as there are watch towers located in different areas.

If you want to stay in the area and make it a couple of day trip there are plenty of accommodation options you can choose from. This saves making a couple of hundred kilometer trip on top of trying to squeeze in the beautiful sights there are on offer.

I might slip in another national park on the next post; this one is 90% in a boat so it would be good to have a chance to get among the wildlife on the back of a Jeep.

Till then,

Jenny and Alan



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