These are the Best Places in Canada for Seeing Wildlife

Canada is one of the countries that’s characterized by a diverse and exciting range of terrain from coast to coast. If you want to experience some of the most beautiful ecosystems in the world you better start planning your trip to this country. From the land to the sea, this North American Country has more to offer. Travelers and nature lovers from across the continent and all over the world travel to Canada to watch some of the world’s most impressive and biggest animals. It’s time you saw animals such as the elk, moose, the spirit bear, caribou, whales and bison. Canada is home to about thirty nine national parks and eight national reserves. Here are some of the best places you can get up close and personal with the wildlife in Canada.

Banff National Park, Alberta

Located about 110 km from Calgary, Banff National Park is a UNESCO Heritage Site and the country’s oldest park. Both locals and tourists love visiting this park to enjoy the priceless views of the landscape and mountains. Let’s just say the park is everyone’s favorite. You can’t spend your time in Canada without enjoying the beautiful views at this park while exploring Bighorn sheep, moose, black bears, deer, elk and other animals.

Jasper National Park, Alberta

If you’re yet to spend a day in a park full of lakes, glaciers and tall peaks, you better head here. Start by taking a family-friendly ride on the Jasper Sky Tram and head to the summit of Whistler Mountain. Here you’ll have all you need as far as skiing is concerned. Jasper National Park also features a museum that takes care of history lovers. Other activities here include camping and hiking.

Churchill, Man

Right on the shore of Hudson Bay is a beautiful town that’s home to about nine hundred people. Despite the fact that the town is inaccessible via rail, visitors can reach Churchill by air. The rail should, however, be opening soon. The fun starts immediately you board the train as the personnel tell stories about this wonderful town and polar bears. Those who travel to Churchill come to experience the excellent food here as well as watch tens of thousands of beluga whales in summer.

Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan

This national park features about one thousand five hundred lakes, seven rivers and a huge land of wilderness. One of the reasons you must come to Prince Albert National Park is it’s free-ranging bison herd that comprises of two hundred and seventy animals. You’ll also get to hear some wonderful stories about the animals in this place. Some of the animals to enjoy watching at this park include coyote, beaver, otter, deer, wolf, and elk.

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